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About Us

About Us

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Centre for Empowerment & Development Studies (CEDS) is a non-profit organization engaged in public interest research and advocacy. By incorporating opinions of the stakeholders and common denizens in policy formulation we work towards achieving effective decision-making. We help organizations involved in policy-formulation to actively engage with their stakeholders and generate actionable insights that involve both voices of the community as well as include practices and research-based inputs into it.


As a non-profit, independent institution, Centre for Empowerment & Development Studies (CEDS) is involved in various activities that will contribute to the production of high-quality research backed reports which will find usefulness not only for public welfare by recommending better policies, but also institute a healthy public discourse which improves the quality of life in India.


Center for Empowerment and Development Studies (CEDS) will incorporate the voice of the stakeholders at the grassroots level as well as of the informed sections of the society. This shall provide invaluable inputs to the policy formulators. CEDS will track the evolving changes in the socio-economic landscape and ensure that the voices of the affected communities are reflected judiciously into the decision-making process that evolves in the public sphere.

CEDS through the research will create projects and reports which will generate evidence for action. The focus will be on results and processes in areas such as education, health, infrastructure amongst various other social sectors. Further, through various programs, CEDS intends to achieve capacity building of the individuals and of institutions at large. Hence, CEDS strives to measure at scale, unravel, propound and act upon the findings of assessments and research, with the primary objective of recommending suitable policies. We intend to create a robust public discourse about the structures and processes that shape life in India. CEDS aims to create a culture where rigorous measurement of outcomes is integral to action, thus bridging the gap between theory and practice, assumption and reality.